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  • Repair and Protection of a Car Transmission

    take good care of your vehicle transmissionRepairing car transmission is a bit complicated and heavy on the pocket. Most car owners make their transmission automatic since this is a lot easy and convenient however, automatic transmission in not that reliable not unless you do a regular maintenance and check ups. The maintenance of a car transmission anyway, does not require too much effort but patient instead.

    To avoid damages to your car’s automatic transmission, it is best that you know the factor that can cause this, so you may avoid getting into. Most of the time, transmission failure comes as a result from overheating. A lot of factors will cause overheats as well, such as traffic jams in hot weather that causes your car from stopping over and over, or even in snows. During this hard working time for the transmissions, the fluid is burned and it’s losing its quality to lubricate.

    The process will oxidize and will leave deposits on the entire transmission. And if the gaskets and rubber seals will exposed to heat inside the transmission, it will be hardened and will cause leakage. These continuous reactions and process will eventually cause failure of the transmission. Other transmission problem are caused by very low transmission fluid, reckless driving, and seldom by putting a wrong transmission fluid. But in this case, the reaction is very quick. It would take minutes or hours for your transmission to fail if a wrong fluid is applied.

    Transmission repair requires a professional technician as this is a complicated repair job. You can do the repair yourself if you already experienced the same situation in the past. And by choosing a repair shop, it would be better if you choose the one who offers warranty so it won’t be hard for you if the job’s affectivity doesn’t last that long. I would suggest that you use original parts for this kind of repair.

    I will give you some tips on how to avoid problems on your cars such as transmission failure. A regular check up is still the best way. But in this case, it won’t take any effort at all. Just every time you park, look back on your parking space if there are any signs of leakage, it will only take a second s of your time. If you have free time, take a second to take a look at the level of your transmission fluid.

    If the fluid seems to be dark than the normal color or looks dirty, I would suggest to change your transmission fluid as this can be a factor for your transmission to fail. Always remember that you never drain your transmission fluid. And when changing your transmission fluid, use a kind of fluid that is indicated on the manual, a lot of cars are sensitive to transmission fluids nowadays.

    And for driving techniques, you can also avoid transmission problem through this tips. You can only shift to reverse if your car comes to stop completely. You can only shift from a parking mode if the engine’s rpm is higher compare than a normal idle. If you practice these simple guides and techniques, you can avoid your car to any damage thus avoiding repairing the car’s transmission.

  • Home Security: A Locksmith Perspective

    secure your homePlease be aware that there are many people out there who are desperate for money. And rather than working for that money, they are on the prowl, looking for victims who have weak areas in their Security. Whether it be your home or your business. Do not make the burglars job easier by being vulnerable.

    Here are some Security Tips from a locksmith in Greenville SC with many years of hands-on experience.

    #1- Make sure that entry areas are well lit at night. Motion sensors are preferable.

    #2- Make sure shrubs are trimmed so there are no easy hiding places for thieves.

    #3 – Make sure you have Deadbolts on every exterior access door. Also make sure that the deadbolts work properly and throw fully into the bolted position.

    #4 – If you have double doors or french doors, make sure that when they are locked that there isn’t a gap in between where someone could take a pocket knife and unlatch the stationary door.

    #5- Make sure your windows latch and lock property. You can also easily add track locks to your sliding windows.

    #6- If you have windows on or next to your doors, make sure they are double cylinder deadbolts with a key on each side
    So if someone were to break the window, they couldn’t reach in and unlock your deadbolt.

    #7- If you have siding glass doors, make sure there isn’t a gap big enough to put your finger above the door and track. If so, your sliders can be pried up off of the track. There are other secondary security solutions for your sliders that will make them safe and secure.

    #8- If you have a working alarm, use it. Get on the habit of always setting it when you are away.

    #9- If you have an overhead opener for your garage door, make sure you are the only one with remotes. If you are unsure, you should take the steps necessary to delete all codes and reprogram it to your remotes only.

    #10- If you think that there is a possibility of keys” floating around” or have lost keys or have a lock that was previously on a master key, you should have your locks rekeyed to a fresh original key.

    These are just 10 of many tips to helping you secure your home or business. Pay attention before it’s too late.

  • Getting Rid of Moisture in Your Air Compressor

    Check compressor temperatureMoisture in the air compressor is a common problem faced by all of us who use an air compressor for our various needs and can be quite frustrating when the end result of our project is not as we anticipated. As air includes moisture there will always be moisture present in your compressed air even if you have the best portable compressor available in the market. The amount of moisture in the air is determined by various factors such as temperature and humidity, and if allowed to build up this moisture can be pulled back into the compressed air stream. This can be especially troublesome if you are using the air compressor to spray paint as the moisture can cause negative textural and visual effects on the finished result. Moisture can also play havoc with various other applications including sand blasting, robotics, valves, air cylinders, pneumatic tools and CNC machining centers.

    Moisture is condensed in the air inside the compressor as the machine compresses the air to 12 times that of normal atmospheric pressure. As this compressed air moves through the system, more and more condensation builds up, this problem is even worse during summer due to the higher temperature and humidity.

    Although you can’t stop moisture from getting into your compressor, in stages using different components you can get it out.

    The first component is the tank. Regular and dependable draining is essential in keeping your equipment moisture free, some people find timer-based drains and pneumatic drains useful, but the simplest method is the manual drain. Ensure you do this regularly as it is vital in keeping your equipment moisture free.

    A mechanical separator known as a filtration water separator can be of vital assistance in removing moisture from the system. Working on centrifugal force it removes 40-60% of the water in your air supply making it possible to start most of your applications.

    If you need more moisture removed than the filtration water system offers then your next option is a refrigerated air dryer. These basically chill the air to remove even more of the moisture content. Typically reaching a 34-40 degree dew point, it is suitable for nearly all applications.

    If you require even more moisture removal for your equipment for your finer applications such as printing and painting, then the desiccant dryer is hard to go past. Offering a dew point of between -40 and -100 degrees the desiccant dryer can be of extreme help in your given application.

    Please don’t hesitate to get back to us if you have any further questions on moisture removal for your specific application.

  • How to Find a Locksmith You Can Trust

    Feel Secured with the reliable LocksmithYou might need an old lock replaced. Change of residency in a rental unit often requires the replacement of current locks if a former renter fails to return his or her keys… and then there’s the ever-popular “locked out of the car” (or the house). Locks can break, or jam, and — as you might recall from recent social media articles all across the internet — there’s even the occasional mysterious old safe that requires opening… particularly if you’ve just moved into a new house, and it was hidden in a wall, or under the floorboards.

    How do you go about finding a trustworthy locksmith? This might not be as straightforward as it sounds. For starters, many locksmiths advertise themselves as local locksmiths in areas where they are not local. They do this by mimicking the name and advertising style of existing local locksmiths; they’ll even take out ads in the phonebook that make themselves appear to be local to multiple areas within a fairly broad geographic region. Likewise, a local locksmith might take out multiple advertisements in a phonebook and in local newspapers, appearing to be as many as thirty separate services when, in fact, it’s all the same service.

    The former — the “local” long-distance service provider — relies upon confusion in an emergency situation to generate much of their income. They will quote you a price over the phone, and then arrive after a significantly longer wait than you were expecting — often in an unmarked vehicle — only to state that the final price is going to be significantly higher than what was already mentioned, leaving you in the position of having to pay egregiously in excess of what you were expecting… or else wait for another locksmith, in a situation where time is already likely a factor. Many people will simply pay out, in this situation.

    The latter — the “masquerader” — makes it difficult to trust the locksmith’s reputation. You have no idea, regardless of which locksmith you call, who is going to show up. You could reject the services of a company with a bad reputation, and choose another instead — only to wind up with the same individual, and you may well never be the wiser.

    Some locations make it easy for you. For instance, if you want a reputable and local Asheville locksmith who will provide you with quick and efficient service, you can’t go wrong with Asheville Lock Locksmith Services. They’re a widely known service provider serving local business and residents in Asheville and in the surrounding areas of North Carolina, with a reputation for speed and quality of service.

  • How a Micro Topping Can Smooth a Job

    Decorative ConcreteIf you have concrete that has lost its smooth finish or simply want to ensure that the concrete remains smooth, then micro-topping should be something that you should consider. It allows you a lot of choices for personalization when it comes to the finished look that you want for your old and new concrete. When choosing a finish for your concrete paths, driveway, and other concrete surfaces, concrete repair St. Louis can help you to find a micro topping finish that not only fits your tastes but accents your home beautifully.

    Types of Micro Topping Finishes

    There are many types of micro topping finishes that you can choose from including sprayed lace patterns, brushed patterns, faux finishes, and brick or tile patterns that will make your concrete look amazing. This technique can be used to rejuvenate old concrete surfaces as well as perfect for new concrete as well. Not only will you have a wide range of choices for your concrete jobs but you will love the way that it will look once it is finished and happy with the unique look that your home will have.

    What is Micro Topping

    Many people may have heard of micro topping but never really knew what it was. This technique is a kind of concrete finish that will add to the concrete not only patterns and color variations, but also allow for amazing personalization to take place. This finishing product can provide new concrete with a unique look while rehabilitating old concrete that has lost its luster. Not only will it provide you with an economical way of providing your concrete with a durable cosmetic surface, but will also ensure that the concrete looks wonderful for many years to come.

    Making Your Choice

    Since there are many options to choose from when picking out your micro topping for your concrete, asking either your contractor or representative for samples of your options can help you to better make a choice. You can then take these samples outside and hold them up to the area surrounding the concrete that needs work to help you decide. Price may also be a helpful deciding factor. Once you have chosen your top 5 micro topping options, then ask about differences in pricing and durability to help narrow your choices down to the one you want the most or can commit to you for the life of the finish.