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How a Micro Topping Can Smooth a Job

By on May 16, 2015 in Contracting Topics, Featured

Decorative ConcreteIf you have concrete that has lost its smooth finish or simply want to ensure that the concrete remains smooth, then micro-topping should be something that you should consider. It allows you a lot of choices for personalization when it comes to the finished look that you want for your old and new concrete. When choosing a finish for your concrete paths, driveway, and other concrete surfaces, concrete repair St. Louis can help you to find a micro topping finish that not only fits your tastes but accents your home beautifully.

Types of Micro Topping Finishes

There are many types of micro topping finishes that you can choose from including sprayed lace patterns, brushed patterns, faux finishes, and brick or tile patterns that will make your concrete look amazing. This technique can be used to rejuvenate old concrete surfaces as well as perfect for new concrete as well. Not only will you have a wide range of choices for your concrete jobs but you will love the way that it will look once it is finished and happy with the unique look that your home will have.

What is Micro Topping

Many people may have heard of micro topping but never really knew what it was. This technique is a kind of concrete finish that will add to the concrete not only patterns and color variations, but also allow for amazing personalization to take place. This finishing product can provide new concrete with a unique look while rehabilitating old concrete that has lost its luster. Not only will it provide you with an economical way of providing your concrete with a durable cosmetic surface, but will also ensure that the concrete looks wonderful for many years to come.

Making Your Choice

Since there are many options to choose from when picking out your micro topping for your concrete, asking either your contractor or representative for samples of your options can help you to better make a choice. You can then take these samples outside and hold them up to the area surrounding the concrete that needs work to help you decide. Price may also be a helpful deciding factor. Once you have chosen your top 5 micro topping options, then ask about differences in pricing and durability to help narrow your choices down to the one you want the most or can commit to you for the life of the finish.

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